Pain au Chocolat: A Study in Gluttony

A few years ago I purchased the Canon EOS 450D.  As an amateur photographer I really enjoyed the camera, but hated the kit lenses that the camera came with.  Finally, a few weeks ago I picked up the Canon 50mm 1.8 lens and so far I’m in love with this lens.  While officially a portraiture lens, it’s been lots of fun taking food shots with it – and for the moment most of my pics are taken with this lens (or my cell phone).

Today I woke up “on the wrong side of the bed” and decided to go for a walk in the sun and grab a coffee.  Since I’m watching my weight (isn’t everybody?) and try and eat generally healthy food I try and avoid the coffee and a cake deal.  Today, I saw the almond crusted pain au chocolat and couldn’t resist.  However, I did manage to hold back long enough to snap a few shots with the 50mm.

A few before shots.

Let the gluttony begin

Literally finger-licking good.  I guess I’ll be putting in an extra session at the gym today.

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