Fridays at Cafe Kaymak – l’chaim

I knew I was in love with Cafe Kaymak (literally some form of clotted cream) when they passed out free shots of Arak and held a restaurant wide toast.  As Tom Cruise once famously said – you had me at hello.

The follow up was just as strong.  We literally couldn’t stop eating the amazingly spiced ful (Fava beans), followed by some really great coffee.

For lunch that day we shared the couscous and a black bean, mango and tarragon salad.

The couscous (38 NIS) which was vegetarian, like most of the food found on the restaurant’s menu, blew our minds, it might as well have been made by your friendly neighborhood Moroccan grandma.  Perfect temp and perfectly spiced sitting on top of the fluffiest of couscous.  I’ve already been back for seconds.

On the other hand the bean salad (28 NIS) was kind of meh, don’t get me wrong there wasn’t anything particularly wrong with it, and we ate the whole thing, but I wouldn’t rush back to eat it.

Service: considering how heaving the restaurant was (and has been every time I have been back) we were pretty impressed with the service – and they even brought us a fresh pitcher of tap water when they saw ours was empty (something the NEVER happens in Israel – never).

Final tally: Dix(10) points (out of a possible 12)

Don’t come to Cafe Kaymak if you’re looking for fancy decor or fancy food.  It’s a great little place with a laid back atmosphere, a talented chef and a lot of character – make sure to pop by if you’re in the neighborhood, heck I even recommend shlepping to Levinski to check them out.  I am personally looking forward to coming back and tasting some of their drool-worthy sandwiches, all of which are served with Tapuchips (supposedly Israel’s leading potato chip brand).


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